Castit was established as a casting company in 1987. It released its first self-developed product in 1994. This was a patented family of modular bollards using “modern materials and engineering standards” called the Cannon bollard.

Since then Castit have developed a complete range of house signs with careful attention to specifications to allow the customer maximum flexibility with their ideas. We design and develop high quality durable products, which are continuously expanding and reacting to market demands.

All of our house signs are handcrafted, cast and hand painted at our foundry in Waterford, Ireland. We use local spinoff industries for materials, sandblasting of our signs and also for delivery to our customers. If we feel our product will not reach our customers on time, we will personally deliver the signs ourselves in order to be there on time.

We serve a wide range of customers at Castit, from local authority councils in the West of Ireland to stud farms in Tipperary and individual house owners in Germany. We are highly flexible in who we make our signs for, and ensure the highest standard is applied to ensure our customer’s satisfaction is met.

Customise your house sign and we'll get to work on it